If dreams give the power, then I’m strong enough to walk through my heart till I succeed.
We love vision. We love innovation. We love change. Eton Technology believes not only in developing wonderful software but always seek for its impact on solving day to day problem of our society. If you are warrior just like us who wanted to make changes and knows how to fire PHP, .net or android or if you are dreamer just like we dream and knows how to paint your canvas using your shiny brushes of photoshop, jQuery and bootstrap than you can join our team.
Meet the founders

Roshan Subba


Prabal Pradhan


Board Members

Abhaya Poudel

Director at Biz Serve Pvt. Ltd

Manoj Ghimire

Co-Founder/CEO at nLocate.com

Niraj Khanal

CEO at Antarprerana

Pravesh Poudel

Executive Director at KIMS

Office Team

Ramesh KC

Quality Control Manager

Archana Rai

Public Relations Officer

Sushil Napit

PHP Programmer

Sudip Rai

PHP Programmer

Sanij Shakya

PHP Programmer

Suresh Lama

Android Developer

Bhimkar Tharu

Business Development Executive

Sujata Neupane

Business Development Executive

Shreya Adhikari

Business Development Executive

Angat Subedi

Business Development Executive

Srijan Chalise

Business Development Executive

Projendra Bikram Rana

Business Development Executive