About Sajilo School Manager

Sajilo School Manager is developed in highly secured platform of Laravel. It uses the innovative features of Google drive to store the school's data. The school management software is directly connected with mobile app which is used by school staff, students and parents. Unlike to SMS system, due to this new feature, school can send any kinds of push notifications to any staff, students or parents at real time directly to their mobile phone without extra additional cost. This notification could be from last minute crisis notifications to regular activities information. Sky is the limit.

You can find brief description in each feature of Sajilo School Manager explained below:

1. CMS website

With the help of our software, school can have full responsive website. They can create unlimited number of pages and menus in website. They can self-edit or delete the content of website. Our CMS package contains Auto Upcoming Events, Responsive Image Slider, Testimonials feature, Image Gallery directly connected with school facebook album, Video Gallery and many more.

2. Multiuser account role

Super-admin can create unlimited number of staff and assign desired roles individually to those staff. Super-admin can create Liberians, Accountant, Teachers and Management staff with limited roles. For e.g. Liberians can access only Library part of the software.

3. Student's profile system

With the help of student's profile system super-admin can monitor all activities of individual student like his/her information, payments history, library history, attendance history etc. at one place. Super-admin can also send direct notification in parent's mobile. This feature will help the admin becoming up to date regarding any student's performance at any time without opening any bulky files and register.

4. Daily routine

Parents and students can view the daily routine updated by school directly in their mobile phone. This feature will help school becoming eco-friendlier by using less papers. Since, there will be no risk of losing routine paper for small kids, their parents will be directly benefited in managing daily subject books for them.

5. Exam manager

School can create exams and routines in this section. Once exam is conducted and obtained marks in updated in the software, super-admin can generate all the progress reports in just one click. Parents and students can view the exam routines in their phone. If their fees are all cleared, they can also view progress reports directly in their phone. This software also supports grading system by which school can choose whether to display grade in progress report or not.

6. Library manager

Liberian or super-admin can maintain the books log in the software very easily. They can view the number of books available in the store and the number of books borrowed by students. They can also send notifications to the students who failed to return borrowed books on time. Students and parents will get detailed notifications in real time sent from library section.

7. Hostel manager

Unlimited number of hostel blocks can be created where students are assigned. Day and Full hostellers can be categorized and will be charged automatically in monthly fees.

8. Billing manager

In this section, accountant or super-admin can create all monthly fees per classes and sections. Hostel fees and Examination fees are also created here. Our billing system also supports individual class and section fees. Individual student can also be charged in any given month. Fees are generated by super-admin or by accountant in just a single click. Payments can be accepted in the software. Once payments data are updated or generated parents can view their children monthly or yearly payments history in their phone. School can also award the scholarship in different title to any student individually.

9. Attendance manager

Super-admin or any assigned user can update the daily attendance very easily in the software. Teachers can also take daily attendance of their respective classes via mobile phone. Once the attendance is updated, the absentees or late student's parents will get automated notifications in their phone about the status in real time. This will directly benefit to all those parents who are always worried if their children go to the school regularly or not.

10. Events manager

Once the event is updated in the software, then the whole staff, students and parents are notified about it in their phone via push notification system at real time. Events are auto updated in academic calendar of school in software. Super-admin can always choose the targeted students, class, parents or only staff whom the event is meant for and send the notifications accordingly. This will save huge amount of money to the school in longer period who are relied on SMS for notifications.

11. Internal messaging system

This feature is solely developed for making the parents and school communication more easy and agile. Parents and teachers can start communication directly over the mobile phone at any time. As an example, the parents of class five students can only contact the teachers related to that class. He/she could ask the appointment with the teacher over the phone so that he/she doesn't have to wait for that teacher in the school. Similarly, class five teacher is only allowed to contact the parents whose children are related to his class. All the conversation can be monitored by super-admin. This will directly benefit to those parents who are not locally available but always wanted to keep in touch with the school and teachers.

12. Staff request manager

With this easy to use feature, teacher and staff can ask any kinds of request to the administrator directly from their phone. For example, sport teacher can ask additional basketball to the administrator and once the super-admin review the request he/she will be notified if the request is approved or not. Similarly, Staff X can also ask the leave request and can be notified accordingly. At the end of the year, super-admin can review all these leave requests and other requests made by each staff for better evaluation.

13. Crisis notification system

With this features, super-admin or any other appointed staff can set the crisis notifications in the software. The notification can be targeted for whole school, staff, students and parents or individual class, students or parents. Once the notice is updated, the targeted users or whole school will get notification in their phone at real time. If somebody miss the notification now, he/she will get that notification as soon as he/she is connected with the software from mobile app. In the present situation of delayed and not 100% delivery rate of SMS, our software will deliver the notice 100% via push notification system to targeted users. Push notification is also 100% free of charge and doesn't have any sending limitation.

14. Transportation manager/Vehicle Tracking

Once the students are assigned to the vehicle in our transportation manager, both student and parent can view the real-time location and current speed of respective vehicle in their mobile phone. In the present situation where drivers are not allowed to pick up the phone while driving, technically there won't be any other means to locate the vehicle on run. Parents and school are always un-aware if the vehicle is going to delayed or has already passed the pick-up or drop zone of the student. But with the help of our software, now, it's easier and time saving for both parents and school to manage and locate the vehicle. Also, transportation fees are automatically added in monthly fees of the students who are using transportation facility.

15. Study materials manager

Teachers can upload any assignments or study materials in the software per classes. With the help of this feature, parents or students can download the respective assignments directly over their phone. Absent students are directly benefited by this. Now, assignments and study materials will never get missed.

16. Robust SMS and Push Notification system

School can notify their parents, students and staff with inbuilt push notification system for free. When the push notification system is out of the reach, school can always notify about the events or any other incident to the targeted users via SMS directly to the user’s phone number in real time. Our SMS rate is one of the cheapest price available in the country and with maximum 99% delivery rate.

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